• Consultation & analysis

    As the basis of a comprehensive safety concept, we perform a review of the actual state while determining all relevant risks.

    We part of this risk and vulnerability analysis, we will provide the required measures to optimise security and immediately actions to remedy serious deficiencies.

    The security concept tailored to your specifications and needs, includes a complete list of measures in terms of structural, technical and organisational precautions.

  • Property protection

    Whether it involves traditional guarding and property protection or safeguard messages or public properties:

    We are the right contact.

    Our range of services includes the following areas: fire protection and fire fighting, securing escape paths, property protection with patrol services, alarm tracking, access checks, protection of valuables, event management, intervention and evacuation.

    We guarantee you with the highest level of security in accordance with your individual requirements and financial capabilities.

  • Mall guard service

    The complex monitoring of shopping malls is a very extensive field of activity. Everywhere security employees must perform inspection, monitoring and documentation duties and close all safety gaps in the team.

    Here the security manager is available as the interface to centre management and simultaneously bundles all safety areas. The modern mall guard is trained in all areas. Cooling and heating technology, first aid, self-defence, video monitoring, fire alarms, measurement technology, site patrols and detective work are all duties with which he is familiar.

  • Reception service

    Whether in an office building or at shopping malls, a friendly greeting or assistance in any form is a basic principle for the employees we hire.

    We will take care of your guests and clients in an extroverted and accommodating manner!

  • Personal protection

    Should you or your family be subject to a risk or a threat, we can provide you with personal and escort protection (also arms) at the highest level. Our experts will develop an individual, comprehensive security concept for you which makes prevention the top priority.

    We only hire personnel which has completed the required programmes and qualifications, usually with the military or police and has many years of international experience in official personal protection.

    From a safety supervisor for your child to a business trip into a region in crisis, we are the right contact for you.

  • Event security

    Here you need an associate who is a good judge of people and has good manners who can simultaneously deal with guests, customers and trades in a friendly, respectful and security-oriented manner. Traditional security requires the whole scope of security training particularly for events.

    At tradeshows, concerts, conference centres, exhibitions, general shareholder meetings, press conferences, sporting events and all other events, we are available with our team.

    We plan, coordinate work with the press, secure your event and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Investigations

    Perhaps it is the discreet work in this area that is the reason why a personal interview is recommended right in the very first lines. Technically there are almost no more limits if they are not defined by lawmakers.

    At security tradeshows outside of the European Communities, technologies are shown which continuously exceed what was available the previously year in terms of effect and counter-effect.

  • Construction site monitoring

    A concept especially tailored to your needs will allow you to have a "secure" construction phase.

    Creation of construction site IDs, access checkpoints, patrolling with and without a dog and any checks of safety regulations are duties which we are happy to assume.

  • Driver service

    Our competent and geographically aware drivers have excellent manners, are reliable and discreet.

    They have a driver's license to transport guests and are regularly reviewed in terms of their driving skills. They will impress you with their driving skill which is always prudent, defensive and adapted to the traffic situation.

    Your security is the top priority also in terms of traffic.

  • Patrolling services

    Patrolling services (city patrols) are part of our daily routine in all major cities throughout Germany.

    In combination with the service management headquarters (alarm centre), a city patrol can drive to a property occasionally or regularly and ensure rapid intervention on alarm calls.

  • Service management office

    As the direct interface to our customers, we receive alarm notices, messages and queries 24/7.

    Security around the clock!

  • IT security

    The risk of exhausting data and information is growing due to data traffic which is ever increasing and also global networking.

    In particular, this applies to cost-effectiveness and your know-how. Protect yourself with consultation with and implementation by our TÜV-certified data protection representative.

  • Maritim security

    Starting with the planning and implementation of the Isps Code, we are available with personnel and materials in the areas of PSO and SSO from port security to providing security personnel on board ships.

  • Airport security

    We provide services to provide support for all security services at airports.

    We could be partners from concept development to consultation and implementation and also in providing personnel.

  • Training

    Because the current national and international situation is placing ever greater demands on management and the personnel used, it is necessary to expand the level of education with training and advanced training for changing circumstances.

    We offer:

    - preparatory training
    - training
    - special training
    - advance training

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